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Our Mission
To edify the Kingdom of God with Ministry, Unity, and Love through Jesus Christ our Savior.
Welcome to our church’s website. Our mission is to preach the Gospel to the unsaved through our outward missionary acts of worship, education, and fellowship.
I have served as Pastor of Macedonia for over 29 years. We are a fast growing congregation because we worship God, not man. In January 2002, we dedicated a 800-seat sanctuary. In the near future, a new worship center and edifice will be located less than a mile from our present location.
Through our ministry efforts, this center will help us further our obedience to Christ’s commandment to go forth and serve. I invite you to come and share with us in our Spirit-filled worship services. I assure you that you will be blessed.
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Vacation Bible School 2017
Monday through Thursday, June 26-29, 2017 from 6:30-8p
Held at Macedonia and at Maides Park Recreational Facility
World Changers
“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to bring God glory”
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