The WE-GO Ministry (Worshippers Evangelistic Gospel Outreach) is our Evangelism ministry. Our mission is to take the church beyond the walls and to be spokespeople for Jesus, telling the truth about Jesus and winning souls unto Jesus as individuals come to the truth and knowledge of Him.

We evangelize by way of public preaching and personal witness to the lost. We desire to reach out to the lost, homeless, hungry, discouraged, hopeless, helpless and distressed people of this cruel and dying world as we do what the Bible informs us to do by making disciples out of all the world.

In our infancy, we have completed a portion of work in Wilmington, helping individuals obtain affordable housing as well as turn from a lifestyle of drugs to a life reaching for Christ.

We are looking to strengthen the impoverished and the lost from all over Wilmington and the surrounding areas.


Minister Chad Joyner
Team Leader