Bible Storying and Prayer of Examen
Are you interested in interacting more meaningfully with the Bible? Would you like to engage with the Word more and see yourself in the story?  Join us for Storying!
  • A Bible story is told by memory to the group.
  • The hearers then retell the story as best as they can.
  • Someone then reads the story from the Bible.
  • The group then discusses the “what, so what, how” and the implications and applications of the story.
It is an effort to practice the oral tradition of the Bible and discover what familiar and not so familiar stories are saying to us.
We will close with the Prayer of Examen:
Relish the moments that went well and all of the gifts I have today.
Request the Spirit to lead me through my review of the day.
Review the day.
Repent of any mistakes or failures.
Resolve, in concrete ways, to live tomorrow well.
Prayer and Scripture reading helps us mature in spiritual growth and transformation.


We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday in the fellowship hall at 6 p.m.
Our Lessons
Thursday, May 10:  Fire and Birds – Numbers 11
Thursday, May 24: Korah, Dathan, and Abiran – Numbers 12
Thursday, June 14: Balaam’s Donkey – Numbers 22
Thursday, June 28: Sun Stan Still – Joshua 10:1-15
Thursday, August 9: Ehud: Left Handed Wonder – Judges 3:12-30
Thursday, August 23: Jael: Girl Power – Judges 4
Thursday, September 13: Jephthah: The Vow! – Judges 11
Thursday, September 27: Asa – 2 Chronicles 15
Come journey with us through the stories in the Bible; then, review
your day in the presence of God through the Prayer of Examen.
All you need is your Bible, a journal, an open mind, and an expectant spirit!
Reverend Danielle Glaze is the facilitator.